fthruihjghfyThe human mind has the power to control the external world in some way. This is one place that you can go back for harmony and peace. Meditation is a simple way of putting your mind in control. It induces happiness, satisfaction and health. The following are some of the proven benefits of meditation that should make you think about trying this art of body and mind practices:


Six benefits of meditation


1. It boosts your health

Being mindful during meditation works to reduce anxiety. After a long day of pressure and active mind use, it is important to take some time and relax through meditation. This will ease off the anxiety that comes with it. Meditation is known to improve on one’s immune function, decreases body pains and stiffness, and reduces any inflammations at the cellular level.


2. Meditation boosts happiness

Through serious mindfulness, you can be sure to enjoy decreased anxiety, depression and stress that cause uneasiness in the body. Your mood and spirit will be uplifted when you meditate. It is a proven way of increasing positive emotions. This helps to increase happiness at all times.


3. Meditations helps to grow your social life

Through meditation, one gets to connect more with everyone around them. While it is considered a solitary activity, meditation works to improve the social connection and improves the emotional intelligence. One grows to be more compassionate and you tend to be less lonely thus boosting your social life in many respects.grtyjhnfhr


4. It boosts one’s self-control

Meditation is a proven way of improving the ability to control emotions. This is the single most effective way of dealing with self-control. Meditation helps to improve the introspect ability.


5. Meditation boosts productivity

When you take some time to meditate, it appears as if you are inactive. By doing ‘nothing’ your mind has the ability to focus more and improve on attention. Meditation will improve your capacity to multi-task and memory levels are improved too. Creativity and ability to think beyond ordinary situations is also improved by meditation.


6. It improves the brain capacity

The grey matter and the various aspects of emotional and positive thinking are improved through meditation. Self-control and the cortical thickness in the brain are increased too. This makes one pay better attention while appearing ‘wiser’ in very many respects.

You need to practice meditation as an all-round body improvement practice. You can leverage on this art to stay healthy, sharp and active at all times.